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Welcome to the home of New Prague Traveling Basketball

Home to news, schedules, tournament information and resources for the Boys and Girls Traveling Basketball Assocations.  While we are still two separate associations, we are looking to learn from each other and implement best practices for the New Prague community.

Spring NPBBA Academy Registration is open!

Click to Register: Spring Academy Registration

  • Monday, April 2nd Middle School (2-4: 5:00-6:00/5-7: 6:00-7:00)
  • Tuesday, April 3rd Middle School (2-4: 5:00-6:00/5-7: 6:00-7:00) (snowed out)
  • Thursday, April 5th Middle School (2-4: 5:00-6:00/5-7: 6:00-7:00)
  • Monday, April 9th Middle School (2-4: 5:00-6:00/5-7: 6:00-7:00)
  • Tuesday, April 10th Middle School (2-4: 5:00-6:00/5-7: 6:00-7:00)
  • Thursday, April 12th Middle School (2-4: 5:00-6:00/5-7: 6:00-7:00)
  • Monday, April 16th Middle School (2-4: 5:00-6:00/5-7: 6:00-7:00)

Battle for Highway 13 Schedule on Saturday, January 27

9:00      CT3  3rd grade

9:00      CT4  6th grade black

9:15      CT1  4th grade red

9:15      CT2  4th grade black

10:10    CT3  5th grade white

10:10    CT4  7th grade red

10:25    CT1  5th grade red

10:25    CT2  5th grade black

11:20    CT3  6th grade white

11:20    CT4  4th grade black

11:35    CT1  6th grade red

11:35    CT2  6th grade black

12:30    CT3  8th grade grey

12:30    CT4  5th grade white

12:45    CT1  7th grade red

12:45    CT2  7th grade black

1:40      CT3  8th grade white

1:40      CT4  6th grade  red

1:55      CT1  8th grade red

1:55     CT 2  8th grade black

2:50     CT 3  8th grade black

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Varsity Girls Basketball schedule

Shot Club Recognition at Halftime, Friday, Dec 8

The following players were recognized at half-time of our Girls Varsity game Dec. 8.  The shot-club is an off-season program for New Prague Girls Traveling Basketball, designed to recognize players for their off-season efforts playing basketball and increase their love of the game!

Shot Club - made baskets
15,000 (+Basketball) 10,000 (Shirt & Shorts) 5,000 (T-Shirt)
Alexis Mattern Maggie Giesen Payton Morris
Brooke Mensing Hannah Langeberg Taylor Hemann
Hanna Wedeking Grace Carlson Amber Odenthal
Katie Vasecka Paige Swanepoel Elizabeth Pierce
Sammie Kotek Keely Hrabe Caroline Pierce
Cara Erickson Meredith Mayer Lacie Crawford
Maddie Simon Mary Soderlund Maddy Boulanger
Anika Hatlevig    


Congratulations 2017 Shot Club participants!

Positive Coaching Alliance

Positive Coaching Alliance

The New Prague Girls Traveling Basketball Association is proud to announce our partnership with Positive Coaching Alliance!