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15000 Shot Club for 2018

The 2018 Shot Club provides incentives to get kids playing basketball this summer!  Girls signing up for New Prague Girls Traveling Basketball, Grades 3-8, are eligible to participate and can earn the following by making shots in the off-season:

  • 5,000 Made Shots - Player earns a T-Shirt and Introduction prior to a NP High School Varsity Basketball Game. 
  • 10,000 Made Shots - T-Shirt, Varsity Game recognition and **New Prague Trojan Athletic Shorts**!
  • 15,000 Made Shots - T-Shirt, Varsity Game recognition, NP Shorts AND a **Brand New, High Quality Basketball**!

Shot club tracking form is below.  Please complete this with your player and turn it in at the Registration Meeting for the 2018/19 scheduled for 9/29/18.  

While this is a voluntary program, we hope that ALL players and parents make it a fun priority to shoot this summer and enhance your basketball talents!

Champions are MADE in the off-season!  Enjoy your summer!  NPGBA 

**The offseason basketball opportunities listed below are not affiliated with NPGBA**

Summer Basketball Camps

Listed are a few of the basketball summer camps that Association girls have attended in the past.

Hoopology University
This organization is headquartered out of Jordan.  They offer individual and small group lessons, skills camps and a summer 3 on 3 league.



MYAS Girls Basketball MYAS Girls Basketball
AAU Basketball - Minnesota Minnesota AAU 
MN Fury MN Fury - Practice in Chaska and N St. Paul
MN Thunder MN Thunder - Tryouts in Spring 2018 - Practice in S Metro
MN Suns MN Suns 
Minnesota Stars MN Stars 
MN Comets MN Comets 
43 Hoops 43 Hoops 
North Tartan North Tartan 
Metro Stars Metro Stars 
Wear Out The Net Wear Out The Net 
Breakdown Sports USA Breakdown

Crossfire Basketball Crossfire - "Goal is to use competitive sports as a way to teach Biblical principles"